A Fusion of Fine Craftsmanship and Elegant Design

Traditional Japanese “Kumiko”

Traditional Japanese Kumiko techniques,
assembling wooden pieces to create delicate patterns

Yoshino cypress

Japanese cypress trees from the Yoshino district, which have been carefully raised over many decades or even centuries by multiple generations, provide extremely tenacious and strong wood that has a finely packed grain, with minimal bends and knots.

Hanakumiko Series
Shippo Kumiko, which means seven treasures, with simple and gentle design based on circles, incorporates traditional patterns and traditional methods, while also providing an attractiveness that fits into modern people’s lives. The new “Hanakumiko” Series has reinvented that classic Shippo Kumiko as a product that brings people’s lives into full and dazzling bloom.
All the kumiko work is produced in Yoshino cypress with a carefully selected combination of materials.

Shippo Kumiko

The “shippo” pattern, with its endlessly interlocking circle shapes, is an auspicious pattern symbolizing a hope for fulfillment, harmony, and lasting relationships.
It is named shippo to signify that the bonds that connect people to each other have a value equivalent to that of the seven treasures* of Buddhism.
In fittings, too, the shippo pattern has long been reproduced in kumiko work. Most of the patterns of kumiko work consist of straight lines, but Shippo Kumiko is composed of curved lines, so advanced and delicate techniques are required.
* Shippo is a Buddhist term, literally meaning “seven treasures” and referring to gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, coral, agate, and seashell.

Designer’s Message

Shippo Kumiko is a traditional Japanese pattern and craftsmanship technique that up to now has only been used for household fittings. We started this project with the goal of bringing these delightful patterns and fine techniques closer to people in their everyday lives. Careful consideration was given to the size of the kumiko, so as to combine a range of attractive products, and many long hours of hard work went into developing products that realize new combinations with different materials. Each of the products comes with a “concept” text, so we hope you will enjoy reading it.

Designer Mica Nakajima


Valuing old traditions while taking on new challenges

The outstanding skills of a woodworker; the advanced techniques of a bagmaker; and the design of a designer who has been a judge of the Good Design Award.


Hanakumiko bags

cypress and leather changing as they are used


Hanakumiko plates

go with either Japanese or western food and are perfect for entertaining guests on special occasions


The beautiful light of

Hanakumiko pendant light


We present this product in the hope that you will be able to enjoy our traditional woodworking techniques in your modern life.